A Letter From the Father’s Heart

The Mess In A Breakup

A Letter From the Father’s Heart

My Child,

I am so committed to making you back into my original plan for humanity- sinless, holy, full of love and joy. It’s my gift to you, and my deepest desire to do that. It’s not based on your mistakes, or your faults. It’s all about me, and my character. My faithfulness, my love, my grace, and my mercy. Before Jesus, humanity was powerless to sin and destruction. They were left unable to be like my original design because of sin’s rule. I want you to start thinking of sin as the dark power that it is. A power that Jesus destroyed on the cross, it no longer reigns in your life. You’re no longer powerless to it’s schemes after you invited Jesus in. When you asked Jesus into your heart, my plan to redeem you back my default begins and let me promise you, that plan will prevail. As Jesus begins to purify your heart, he begins chasing out the darkness with his light. It takes time child. Just remember that it’s not based on your strength, but fully on his. It’s wholly based on the power of the cross in your life and the power that that cross has to dominate the sin in your life. It’s all about Jesus’s power and the work he will complete if you choose to follow his heart.

When your eyes begin to wander back to yourself and your lack, look to the cross as a sign that Jesus is dedicated to restoring you. He is in you and he will complete the work he began. He will show you the way… you may deviate, you may stumble, you may get bruised and beaten along the way. You’ll struggle with control, you’ll struggle with obedience, you’ll struggle with your pride. But Jesus is committed to you. He will continue to stretch and grow you, all you have to do is learn to release. It’s all about the power and glory of Jesus. You can’t do it, not on your own. But greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. Jesus has won. So that struggle, that mindset, that sin that you so desperately want to be free from but feel hopeless about; surrender it. Give it to Jesus and watch his power and glory abound. He has already won, so stay committed to the process no matter how many times you fail. He will fight your battles. Cry when you need to and stand when called. But all in all, keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, the author and perfecter of your faith.

Forget your lack, you’re called to this and you will not fail. The King of Kings is on your side and if he is for you, who can be against you? Your sin, your pain, your hopelessness, it is no match for Heaven’s armies. I guess what I really want to say sweet child, is that you don’t have to worry about failing, for I am with you. I’ll strengthen you, I’ll uphold you, I have you in my right hand. With my shield, I will protect you. I’ll bring you to your promised land where healing will overflow. Shift your eyes from all that you’re lacking and onto my provision. I want you healed. I want you whole. I want to give you the heart I originally designed for you. One to nurture and grow. One to overflow with my love. One to feel and sometimes hurt, but it’s one that was created to be compassionate to others around you. One to be as tender and caring, but also to be strengthened by my might.

Your healing is important child, but it is not based on you searching for it. I’ll pour it out. Just taste and see that I am good. I will be exalted in your life. You’ll sing praises about this forever, I promise. I am for you child. I’m committed to getting your heart right. I will rule your heart, satan will not prevail. Stop worrying about if you’re doing it right or wrong. Instead I ask that you focus on me. Come into my presence and watch me do my thing. I’m changing you child, I’m growing you child, and none of it has to with your strength. Its going to be a process,one I’m going to ask you to commit to. But it’s not going to be one that I’m going to leave you abandoned in. Commit to seeking my will and my direction. Surrender when needed and watch me work inside of you. My glory will be on display for all to see. I will restore you, I promise. You will learn to love again. My perfect love is faithful to capture your heart. It will cast out all your fears. How can it not? It’s not given based on performance. Just commit sweet child. Commit to seeking me. Commit to the journey and you will be victorious.

My child, remember that my love for you is vaster than any ocean. You’re my workmanship. Ill never leave you or forsake you. My eyes and my heart are set on you. I am the creator and I can create a new story for you. I love you, I love you, oh how I love you. Will you receive this? Will you receive my unrelenting love for you? Will you watch me romance your heart the I way I planned to do long before you were born? Will you watch me captivate your heart in ways that nothing can compare? Will you believe me? Believe that I am always chasing your heart. I can redeem the pain, the past, the trauma. I can undo all that’s been done. That ache will be no more. Your heart will sing again. Joy will overflow again. You will love again, this I promise you. The torture you feel deep down in your soul will be gone and new life will abound. The power of my love for you will overcome all schemes of the enemy. Do you believe this? Let me show you…

I love you child. You’re seen. You’re known. Trust in me, in my power, not your limited knowledge. I will make a way in the wilderness.

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    I love everything about this ❤

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