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About Me

“Who ever said life was a beautiful, crazy ride, wasn’t lying. I’ve had my fair shares of ups and downs. I’ve tried my hand at multiple things and failed, but I’ve learned to always, always, always get back in the saddle. Navigating life can be tough and messy, but I’ve since discovered that we aren’t meant to navigate it alone.”

Sarah was born and raised in rural Alberta. Leaving her small town after graduation she made a transition into the city life and into the dental field. Her dental career transitioned, and it took her to south Texas for a few years where she learned more than a hand full of life lessons. Living in a new country by yourself at 21 forces you to grow up. During this time, she was thrown smack dab into a season of tremendous personal growth. She battled the fears that came with the unforeseen redirection of her life as her future plans were halted and she was forced to make a complete 180 turn with the course of her life. Her plans were squashed, and she found herself back home and seemingly at square one…

Years of struggle followed as she tried to find where she fit in, who she was, and what she was supposed to be doing her life. Amidst the chaos of boys, booze, and breakdowns, she finally re-discovered her faith. Life with Jesus has had it’s shares of up’s and down’s. But life is so much better based around a relationship with God. Sarah is committed to being honest about her growing relationship with the Creator, all in hope’s that she can help other people who find themselves struggling with an ever-evolving life with Christ.

Jesus save’s y’all!

Hebrews 6:19 “I have this hope, as an anchor for my soul… firm and secure.”